008: General James Longstreet

Confederate General James Longstreet, who was decisive in his opposition to fighting the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1,2 and 3rd 1863. In light that we are not only commemorating the Fourth of July, we should also acknowledge the greatest battle fought on American soil, Gettysburg on July 1,2 and 3rd 1863. Consequently, in this episode will examine the life and career of Confederate General James Longstreet- whom Jose considers the “best Corps Commander on either side in the Civil War,” Victor of Fredericksburg, Chickamagua and who almost turned the tide at the Wilderness. Longstreet vehemently opposed Lee’s decision to attack at Gettysburg and as a result was criticized but he became a pariah in the south for becoming a Republican and supporter of Reconstruction- yes bet you didn’t see that coming. History my friends is nothing else if not surprising!

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